About Us

A Letter From the President

Thank you for visiting our website today,  in today’s market, you are bombarded with so much information on the web and it becomes difficult to make a decision. I would like you to consider three things when making your purchasing decision : 1) quality of the equipment being purchase and if the equipment is proprietary technology. 2) what are the company’s values and passions 3) how the company’s technicians are certified, licensed, and insured for their installations.

What separates us from our competitors is our desire to provide a quality product, great workmanship, reasonable pricing, and  long term service relationships.  Our primary focus is home elevators and wheelchair lifts, which allows our staff to be the best in the business when selling, installing, or servicing your elevator or lift.  Our passion is to change a person’s life through the addition of a lift or elevator  which allows that person the freedom of mobility throughout their home.  We value the customer first and understand that without our customers being satisfied, we are not satisfied. We are a full service, sales, and  installation company and we will be there when you need us most.

When purchasing a lift or elevator, we ask you to consider not only your initial investment, but also the long-term costs for elevator repairs and maintenance. Most major elevator manufacturers produce proprietary systems and components, which require special tools and diagnostic equipment for service and repair which comes with a significant cost for repairs and maintenance. The solution is to purchase non-proprietary. Non-proprietary equipment products are: 1) easier and less expensive to service. 2) the equipment doesn’t become obsolete and require replacement 3) technical information and support are readily available to all elevator service companies. 4) lifts and elevators can be serviced by most elevator service companies – you have freedom of choice. These benefits make good business sense for the owner. You can buy with confidence from Morning Star Elevator– knowing we provide only the highest-quality, non-proprietary products with the best warranty on the market.

Morning Star Elevator is licensed and insured in the State of Colorado and Wyoming. Our technicians are trained and certified on the equipment they install and service. The technicians are the glue that holds our relationships with our clients and I have hand pick every technician with honesty as the cornerstone and integrity as the foundation. Our goal is to do the right thing and make a good impact in our client’s life.

You can purchase your lift or elevator from any dealer and I would appreciate the opportunity to earn your business, and to earn your “vote.” Whatever we can do to make your purchase of a lift or elevator easier, just let us know and we will be there for you.

Best Regards,

Richard Markow