Residential Elevators

Morning Star Elevator offers Residential Elevators by Garaventa, Symmetry, Cibes, PVE, and many more! We proudly serve Colorado and surrounding areas.
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Pneumatic Vacuum Elevators

Vacuum elevators are incredibly efficient when it comes to saving space and energy. Uniquely designed for your home, pneumatic elevators are the world’s ONLY air-driven home elevators. The pneumatic technology used allows the elevator to glide between floors with ease. PVE offers three different residential models with a panoramic 360° design. All models require a machine room and include a quick installation of 2-3 days.

PVE 30 - Residential Elevator

Small but mighty, the PVE 30 is the most compact home elevator in the world. It has a weight capacity of 350 lbs, offering up to five stops at a maximum travel distance of 50 ft. Its smaller size makes it a practical option for any home layout.

PVE 37 - Residential Elevator

The PVE 37 is the first of its kind, making its debut to the home elevator space in 2002. Offering a sleek stature, this model makes use of your space without limiting any potential foot traffic. Big enough to fit two passengers, the PVE 37 can hold up to 450 lbs, making up to five stops or a maximum travel distance of 50 ft.

PVE 52 - Residential Elevator

The most spacious of the three models, the PVE 52 has ample room to fit three passengers, or two if one is in a wheelchair. It has a self-supporting structure, meaning no frame is needed and installation can be completed anywhere in the home. Even as the largest vacuum elevator offering, the PVE 52 still saves more space than traditional elevators.