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Dumbwaiter & Lift Solutions

Matot’s extensive product line serves virtually every industry. Our depth of experience means we have a unique understanding of what unit, standard or customized, will be best for your project.  We can fit your needs based on what you want to lift, size of materials, available space, how far the contents need to go and how fast and how often.

Matot dumbwaiters offer benefits including:

    Keep employees at work stations instead of delivering materials between levels.
    Reduce injuries associated with carrying heavy or dangerous loads between floors.
    Control exposure to hazardous waste or materials.
    Stop at floor level for cart loading or counter height for hand loading, with openings on different sides.
    Consume less space and thus cost vs. an elevator. Allow more floor space for the building purpose.
    Matot products will out-live the life of the building.

Matot dumbwaiters are differentiated by LIGHT, MEDIUM and HEAVY duty lifting models.

What is a Dumbwaiter?

Dumbwaiters are typically the most economical choice for a lift system.  Available in any size configuration up to:  39″ deep x 39″ wide x 48″ high and usually carrying 100-750 lbs.  Dumbwaiters can stop at counter height for hand loading or floor level for carts and hand trucks.

Light Duty: 100-200 Pounds

Medium-Duty: 200-750 Pounds

Heavy-Duty 750-2500 Pounds

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