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Morning Star Lift and Elevator offers In-Home Elevators, and Residential Elevators by Stiltz, Independence and Aspen in Colorado, New Mexico, Wyoming and all surrounding areas.

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Introducing Stiltz Home Elevators from Morning Star Lift and Elevator

The Stiltz Home Elevator from Morning Star Lift and Elevator is an innovative and unique residential elevator that can fit easily into your home. Designed to make life easier, our home elevators will help you stay in the home you love when the stairs become too much and are a perfect and affordable alternative to a stairlift.Residential elevators by Stiltz can also improve your lifestyle if you are looking for a faster and more convenient way of getting between floors. Unlike a stairlift, our spacious in-home lifts can carry two or three people and a wheelchair if required. You can even fit in a vacuum cleaner and the family pet too.

Stiltz Residential Elevators Selection

Morning Star Lift and Elevators from Stiltz home elevators can be fitted virtually anywhere in a two-story home thanks to their small footprints, drive mechanism and dual rail technology. This means Stiltz residential elevators have an unrivaled ability to fit into spaces other elevator lifts cannot with minimal building work and disruption. We offer a complete residential elevator selection to suit most needs including the Stiltz Duo Home Elevator and Stiltz Trio Home Elevator and a standard install can take one day.

The Duo Home Elevator from Morning Star Lift and Elevator is the perfect alternative to a stairlift or conventional hydraulic lift. Capable of taking two passengers between floors in under 30 seconds, the Duo offers freedom and flexibility that cannot be matched by other residential elevator products.

The Trio Home Elevator from Morning Star Lift and Elevator is our innovative wheelchair lift and is perfect for the less mobile homeowner. Larger than the Duo elevator lift but still compact, the Trio can fit a standard-sized wheelchair and is also ideal for users with a walker or rollator.

Small Footprint

The Stiltz Duo Home Elevator from Morning Star Lift and Elevator has one of the smallest footprints of any residential lift available and takes up less than 7sf. It can be placed at any angle and the remarkably small footprint means there are almost limitless spaces where our lift can be installed.


Unlike other home elevators, Stiltz do not use noisy hydraulics or vacuum systems as our elevator lifts are powered by a quiet self-contained electric motor. It simply plugs into a regular outlet and does not require a machine room or external pump system.

Fast Installation

Morning Star Lift and Elevators by Stiltz home elevators are made up of modular sections which all capable of passing through and under standard doorways and ceilings. This drastically reduces installation time and means a standard retrofit takes as little as one day.

Power Consumption

All Stiltz residential elevators from Morning Star Lift and Elevator are very efficient and use little electricity. They can be run from a 220v outlet or a 110v outlet with a simple step-up transformer. The Stiltz Home Elevator is low on power consumption and very economical.

Unique Guide System

The two parallel and vertical guides bear the load of the entire residential elevator. As the guides are at the centre line of the lift they create a self-supporting structure which eliminates the need for load bearing walls.

Self Contained Drive System

The Stiltz Home Elevator uses a roped drum-braked gear motor drive system which is neatly contained within the lift itself. All of the mechanics are in one place, hidden from view, situated at the top of the in-home lift.

It costs a lot of money to move house but investing in a Stiltz residential elevator has meant we can stay in the home we love.

Paul, 47

My husband is in a wheelchair and Stiltz’s lift has given him his independence back and changed our lives

Anne, 46

It’s absolutely wonderful and the elevator lift is very quiet too. My wife couldn’t be without it now. We’re very satisfied.

Don, 80

I am absolutely delighted with my home elevator and I would recommend Stiltz and their lifts wholeheartedly.

Raymond, 69

Typical Home Elevator Applications from
Morning Star Lift and Elevator

Standard Retrofit

This is the most common Stiltz installation from Morning Star Lift and Elevatorwith the home elevator travelling between a downstairs room such as a hallway or family room and arriving upstairs in a bedroom or on the landing.

Stairwell Void

There is enough room within a turning staircase for a Stiltz residential elevator from Morning Star Lift and Elevator to use the dead space in the void. This is a unique feature of Stiltz in-home lifts because of its shape and small footprint.

Closet to Closet

Stiltz elevator lifts from Morning Star Lift and Elevator are spacious but compact enough that they can often be fitted in a closet on both floors. This application is ideal for customers looking to conceal their residential elevator.


The Stiltz Duo and Trio home elevators from Morning Star Lift and Elevatorare capable of having a double entry or thru car configuration due to our unique dual rail system. This allows users to enter and exit from both sides of the elevator lift.

Sloped/Cathedral Ceiling

Our rails need a horizontal surface to fix to. Some simple modifications will make it possible to install the residential elevator in this situation.


Stiltz home elevators from Morning Star Lift and Elevator will allow you quick and safe access from a garage into your home. This application will require the construction of a simple shaft in the garage.

Duo Gallery

Duo Standard Retrofit

Duo Vista Stairwell

Duo Lift

Duo Lift

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How Do Elevators Work

Most elevators work just like a pulley. A very strong metal rope is joined to the top of the elevator car and goes up through a “sheave” in the engine room above the elevator. The sheave is like a pulley wheel with grooves in it to hold the rope tightly.

Elevators installation Work

Elevator installers often work in cramped quarters inside crawl spaces and machine rooms, and may be exposed to heights in elevator shafts. Installer may be required to work overtime when essential equipment needs repair and are sometimes on call 24 hours a day.

Elevators Maintenance & Repair

Elevator installers and repairers, also called elevator constructors or elevator mechanics, assemble, install, maintain, and replace elevators, escalators, chairlifts, moving walkways, and similar equipment in buildings for better performance.

Manual Doors are normally opened or closed manually using hands.
These types of doors are used for smaller Passenger Elevators or Wheelchair Lifts.

This category of doors is mainly divided into three types:

  1. Swing + Telescopic Opening Doors
  2. Telescopic Opening Doors
  3. Imperforated Doors

Swing + Telescopic Opening Doors

Telescopic Opening Doors

Imperforated Doors


 Automatic Elevators are mainly machine room less elevators(MRL Elevators).

 They are specially designed to suit the interiors/ exteriors of the building   structure in view of height rrestrictions.

 The Automatic elevators that are provided by us are well known for efficiency   and excellent performance

 Our offered doors are manufactured employing the modern techniques and utilizing finest quality raw material obtained from the authentic sources of the industry

 we are providing a high quality variety of Automatic Elevator Doors.

 Our promised customers can purchase the imported doors and services from  us.

This type of door consists of four panels:

  1. Automatic Centre Opening Doors
  2. Automatic Telescopic Opening Doors
  3. C.O Framed Glass Doors
  4. C.O Full Glass Doors

MS Automatic Centre Opening Doors

S.S Automatic Center Opening Cabin

SS Automatic Full Glass Doors


S.S Framed Glass Doors


 Quality Accessibility Specialists Since 1984 Call Today to Request FREE No Obligation Quote

Independence Inline Gear Drive Residential Elevator

Get “more space for living” is our philosophy at Morning Star Elevator and we ensure that with our Independence Inline Geared Drive Residential Elevator. This customized elevator decor is one of the more advanced elevating systems the market has to offer. The motor resides within the elevator shaft, so there’s no need for a separate machine room. With the elegance and accessibility, the Independent Inline Geared Drive Residential Elevator provides countless years of freedom and comfort for your home.

Independence Inline Gear Drive Residential Elevator

Benefits of the Independence model are:

  • Controller, motor, and all required parts are inside the shaftway so there is no need for a control room.
  • All of our elevators can be completely custom to fit your needs.
  • GREEN CONSCIOUS… Elevators from Morning Star Lift and Elevator make an impact, but not on the earth. They meet the highest environmental certifications; they employ energy-saving features such as a counter-balanced design for motor size efficiency, and we use sustainable materials wherever possible.