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Morning Star Lift and Elevator offers VASARI TM Custom Car Lifts in New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming and all surrounding cities.

At Morning Star Lift and Elevator we provide parking solutions for any home design, lifestyle or situation from VASARI Car Lifts.

Why Choose VASARI?

Vasari is the premier car lift manufacturer specializing in designing and manufacturing of high-quality, safe, and reliable car lifts for the home. Uniquely designed for an underground garage, showroom, or single car garage, we are committed to customizing each car lift to fit the architectural space and lifestyle of our customers.


Excellence is achieved only through experience. Proudly, Vasari hails from the most esteemed legacy in our industry. Our automobile lifting technology is born from the 65-year heritage of Autoquip, the leading manufacturer of lifting equipment. Channeling Autoquip’s decades of technological expertise through our inspired design, Vasari provides creative solutions, superior craftsmanship, and an exclusive aesthetic you will not find from any other name. The result? A product that is simply unparalleled.


Vasari Car Lifts are built to last.  Our commitment to quality is uncompromised, and the materials we use are of the highest quality in the industry.  Our precision engineering and supremely skilled tradesmen attend to every detail necessary to achieve superior performance, durability, and a lifetime of reliability.


Our experienced engineers along with emerging technologies enable us to continually evaluate and improve our designs to achieve the highest quality parking lift on the market. Vasari Parking Lifts are uniquely designed by combining the power of direct acting hydraulic cylinders with the repeatable performance of mechanical equalization system giving you a safe and reliable operation. This innovative engineering coupled with incorporating advanced technologies in our control systems and monitoring devices, offer you far greater possibilities.


Safety is our highest priority. Our vehicle lifts are made to the highest applicable safety standards, and are built to provide decades of dependable service. Every VASARI parking lift is designed and manufactured to nationally recognized safety standards such as NEC, ANSI, and OSHA. There are over 20 different safety/security features and options made available on every design.


At Vasari, we devote ourselves, to the craft of developing quality engineering, construction and exceptional performance of our parking lifts. We provide a level of innovation, technology, and safety that elevates our parking lifts into a class of their own. Discover the design features that make a Vasari Personal Parking Lift, distinctive.

Structural Integrity

Strong structural design with a 3:1 Safety Factor. Lifts can accommodate loads from the smallest jet-ski or motorcycle to the largest SUV.

Fail-Safe Hydraulic System

Leak-resistant hydraulic system with a 3:1 hydraulic burst factor for safe and long-lasting operation.

Unique Guide System

Mechanical equalization system of 6:1 safety factor. This system works to provide precision lifting, safe and gentle transfer of your automobile

Self-Contained Drive System

All of the mechanics are in one place, hidden from view, reducing noise and providing easy access for maintenance and service.

Easy to Use Control System

Our in-wall touch panels provide a simple user interface, a digital keypad requires a passcode to be entered for the lift to operate.

Complete Safety Package

Safety is our # 1 concern, understanding these lifts will be installed in or near your living space, and in the vicinity of the people you love, we have included standard safety devices that are included with all our Vasari parking lifts.

Motion Detector

Sensors will be installed along the perimeter of the car lift platform and will shut off the lift if motion is detected near the lift during operation.

Wireless Security

A security camera will monitor the area surrounding the lift, so the operator can view activity while the lift is in operation.

Audible Alarm

An audible signal is sounded to warn by-standers that this lift is starting to move.

Maintenance Devices

Securely locks the lift platform in place to support an empty lift for inspection, maintenance orrepair to the lift.


At Morning Star Lift and Elevator we take building your Vasari parking lift personal. Every Vasari parking lift is custom built to meet the unique needs of our customers. In order to create a personal design plan, we have developed a process to determine your car lifts functional requirements and preferences.


Understanding your parking needs is the most important portion of your buying process. It is the foundation of building your customized parking lift. Details of how you plan to use your lift, garage structure, dimensions, and building code requirements are the most important aspect of our custom engineering process. Our consultants will guide you through this process to ensure all accurate measurements are provided.

Project Proposal

After the initial consultation, our sales consultants will work from the information provided to prepare a concept drawing, detailed specifications, and personalized project proposal. We may at this time recommend an appropriate dealer in your area to provide local support and installation.


Once you have accepted the proposal, our engineers will finalize the design and submit approval drawings specifically representing all aspects and specifications to your project. It is recommended once you receive your approval drawings that your contractor begin obtaining permit approvals.


Once you have signed off on the approval drawings and have made a deposit, we will then be ready to move forward with the manufacturing process of building your Vasari custom car lift.

Manufacturing Process

Now that all the preliminary work is accomplished, the work begins. Our highly skilled tradesmen will build your Vasari lift with superior craftsmanship and attention to detail that we have built our reputation on for over 65 years.


We take special care to prepare your car lift for shipping by carefully packaging all materials, and labeling all components and parts. We will work to coordinate the shipping of the Vasari Lift to your site at the appointed time.


We work with either your contractor or dealer to locate a quality installer in your area. Or we will work directly with your contractor to fully understand the installation process.

Resources for Architects and Home Builders

Vasari provides architects or home builders the essential planning guides and resources to include a vehicle lift into their proposals. A residential car lift can improve a parking design challenge. We are here to help you find the right one for your projects.

Vasari Application Guidelines

Recommended safety practices for residential parking lifts.

Architectural Specs

Performance, design, fabrication, installation, and test requirements.

General Arrangement Drawings

General arrangement drawing for 4-Post Subterranean Parking Lift.

Underground Garage Lift

Vasari’s Underground Garage Lift Increases Parking Capacity for Homeowners.

The Vasari Solution

When traditional parking in a home garage is not available due to space restrictions, Vasari offers an underground solution. Vasari’s underground garage lift is designed for residential homes to increase parking capacity. This underground garage lift allows for one vehicle to be transferred safely underground for parking, while a second vehicle can be parked on top. A homeowner may be faced with parking constraints for various reasons – land restrictions of a new home build to protecting a collector automobile. Whatever the reason, Vasari builds underground garage lifts to solve for these very reason. Working with you and your home builder, we can help determine the requirements for installing an underground garage lift in your new home.

Residential Car Lift

Vasari’s residential car lift guarantees a parking space for every member of the family.

The Challenge

A Colorado family building a new home wanted extra garage parking for their multi-driver household. However, their new home design plans could not accommodate a larger garage. They did not want to leave automobiles outside in inclement weather, so they looked for an alternative solution.

The Vasari Solution

Vasari’s residential car lift allows the homeowner to expand their parking options by going underground. The car lift is installed through an excavated pit. The car lift will safely transport a vehicle underground keeping it safe and protected. Vasari’s residential car lift is a great solution for existing house plans or new builds.

Hassle-Free Parking Lift

A perfect parking solution for accessing two vehicles without the hassle of shuffling cars around.


When a homeowner was finalizing his floor plans for the construction of his new home, his architect recommended building a one-car garage which is more suitable for the lot size, and also more fitting for the neighborhood characteristics. The homeowner owning two vehicles, asked his architect to explore alternatives to create more covered parking. The idea of adding an underground garage lift began to take shape with the plans to redesign the garage to include a cathedral style ceiling, so the homeowner will be able to lift two vehicles at the same time.


After full evaluation of the homeowner’s challenges and goals, our engineers designed a high capacity garage lift capable of raising his “everyday” car within the footprint of the garage while accessing his sports car from the basement garage.

Underground Car Lift Doubles Space

Vasari Delivers Twice the Parking Space By Concealing One Car Underground.


New homeowner’s were building a new home on a narrow lot that had room for only a standard 2-car garage. They did not want to leave their other vehicle out in the open uncovered or unprotected. They considered installing a pre-packaged stacked car lift in the garage, however, they height requirements would require a redesign of their garage plans.


Vasari’s engineering team designed an underground car lift to fit within the footprint of their garage. The homeowner would not have to sacrifice their design plans. The Vasari lift will be pit installed and transport one vehicle underground where it will be protected. Another car can be parked on top of the lift platform at the garage level.

Single-Car Garage Lift for Dream Home

Dream home in historic district uses a Vasari single-car garage lift to transfer vehicles to underground storage area.


New homeowner’s were building their dream home in an historic area where the lot lines were small.  They were faced with making a decision of building more living space, or having a multi-car garage.  In consulting with their architect, they worked out plans for a single car garage, but one that would include the installation of a car lift to transport their multiple cars to a basement garage for storage.


To complete their dream home, we custom designed a single-car garage lift for the homeowner’s to park multiple cars underground. To keep the homeowner’s family safe when operating the lift, we added a few extra safety features:

  • Emergency Stop Button – immediately stops the lift when pressed.
  • Digital Security Pad – insures operation of the lift is limited to authorize users only.
  • Security Key Switch – the lift will not operate unless key is in place to a turned “On” position.
  • Motion Detectors – the lift will stop if the sensors pick up any interference around the lift and stop its movement.
  • Remote Digital Camera & Monitor – aids in the recognition of potential interference during the lift operation.

Showroom Lift with Rotating Turntable



A homeowner wanted his automobile collection incorporated into his new home garage design. However, the new structural design plans prohibited any cars from driving onto the lift in either forward or reverse. If the lift was lowered to the car showroom, a wall would block the cars from driving forward, while a staircase from behind prevented cars from reversing.


To address this architectural challenge, Vasari’s engineer’s designed a Vasari 4-Post Parking Lift with a custom rotating turntable. This solved the obstruction in the showroom-garage by allowing vehicles to rotate to the side and exit off the platform.


The CARLOFT by Harding Steel from Morning Star Lift and Elevator has been developed for the discriminating custom home owner and custom home builder. The design principle behind this system enables vehicles to be stored in the otherwise unused attic or “loft” space often found above conventional garage bays. This machine is in essence “lofting” the cars above the garage floor up and out of the way. 

Harding Steel has developed this product for both residential and commercial hydraulic auto lift projects. The CARLOFT can be designed into new construction and with careful planning and execution may be retrofitted into existing homes. No longer are traditional lifts needed that mount to the garage floor and take up space. You are getting your surface area back and never have to pull under a traditional lift again. Gone are the days of vertical posts that are in the way of doors, mirrors, and people. 

Harding Steel is offering this system in a variety of standard garage configurations with dimensions that can be configured to the individual project.


• Available in Two, Three, and Four bay custom configured systems
• Uniquely configured to each individual garage
• Utilizes a steel beam structure stretched into the 4 corners of the garage space
• Vertical beams are hidden behind garage door divisions and corners of the garage
• Can be painted to match the garage
• Suspended platforms lift vehicles into the available overhead loft/attic space
• All electric motors, no hydraulics
• Can be retro-fit into existing garages
• Creates something no residential vehicle lift can.Clean, usable, available space
• Lifted platforms can be configured to 7, 8, 9, even 10 feet overhead, leaving the garage floor surface clean,uncluttered and “family friendly”.
• Vehicles that are driven daily can be pulled in and out of the garage without having to navigate around steel posts and platforms
• Not just for cars!!! Can be used to store anything overhead – ATVs, Motorcycles, Golf Carts, and lots of miscellaneous


• Anti-fall devices are integrated into every platform
• Upper and lower limit switches to ensure platform settings and placement
• Photo beams to detect when a car is in the lower space eliminating the risk of lowering any upper platforms 
• onto a lower parked vehicle
• 220V Single Phase Power
• Key lock controls
• Installed by factory technicians anywhere in the USA and Canada


• One year electrical
• Two year mechanical
• Five year structural

CARLOFT – Champion Motors, New York

Mini Cooper of Madison (Wi)

Residential Carloft, California


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